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It was 8.00am on Friday morning and Jack had given the team a day off to relax after a long
and stressful week at work. All you could here in the hub was the echo of the ptherodactyl's
loud screeches as he glided through the hub gracefully. Jack stood looking out of his shiny
office windows with his arms folded looking around the hub as usual.He looked over to the
autopsy room that had been left in exactly the same way Owen had left it the night before with,
clean white sheets covering the bed and the tools layed out almost perfectly on the trolly.
He then looked over to the computers where Tosh spent nearly every single hour of her work time,
unless she was out on alien hunts with the team,but even then she had her touch screen device
with her. Smiling to himself Jack looked over towards the coffee machine where Ianto spent
almost every hour making coffee for the team just the way they liked it. Jack turned towards the
hub doors as if he was waiting for Gwen to stumble through them and say sorry i'm late but he
knew she wouldn't.

He unfolded his arms, turned around and walked towards his desk. He sat down on his chair opened
his desk drawer and pulled out a picture of himself and Ianto hugging that he'd put in a wooden oak frame.
Jack looked at it for a while smiling to himself and then put it on his desk. He then reached in the drawer
and pulled out some paper work that he hadn't had time to finish. He picked up his pen
that Ianto had got him and was just about to start writing when all of a sudden he heard the hub
doors open. He looked at the time and it said 8.30, Jack picked up his gun and with a worried expression
on his face he slowly walked towards his office door, cocking the gun as he walked. He looked down
to see Ianto coming up the stairs towards him.
"Ianto, you had me worried for a minute" he said with a sigh of relief putting his gun down
"Sorry Jack" said Ianto half smiling.
"Why are you here you should be at home relaxing, watching the TV, making coffee" said Jack smiling
"Why do I need to be home when I have everything I want right here" replied Ianto smiling back at
Jack "oh yeah, whats that then" laughed Jack grabbing Ianto by his hands and pulling him in.
"Well I have the aliens, work to do, the coffee and YOU!" said Ianto softly whilst gazing into Jacks eyes.
Jack looked at Ianto and kissed him twice on the lips,Ianto looked at Jack smiling and said
"Do you want a coffee"
"with coffee like yours how can I refuse" Ianto's cheeks went a slight red colour, he smiled at
Jack and walked down the stairs and over to the coffee machine. Jack watched him and then
walked back into his office and sat down.

10 minutes later Ianto walked in Jacks office with a tray that had two coffee mugs full up with
frothy coffee, one mug said Ianto and the other said Jack."Here you go" said Ianto putting the tray
with the coffee on Jacks desk."lovely" said Jack smiling at Ianto who was looking at the picture of them
on Jacks desk. "I remember that day"
"oh yh" said Jack smiling and nodding his head at the same time. Ianto and Jack both looked at each other
and slowly lent in towards each other when (Beep Beep) they both jumped "whats that" said Ianto looking
at Jack rather confused. Jack ran out of his office and down the stairs towards the computers. "Rift
activity" replied Jack.
"where's it coming from" asked Ianto walking down the stairs and over to Jack,
"the cells" said Jack
"the cells" shouted Ianto   
"yh, lets go take a look" said Jack getting his gun out and cocking it "come on" Ianto got his gun out
and ran after Jack cocking his gun at the same time.When they got to the cell door they both looked at each
other and counted to 3, then BANG they both kicked the door open holding their guns in front.
"What is that" said Ianto looking at what appearred to be a circle with blue and purple swirls.
Jack walked over to it and looked at Ianto "it's a time vortex" Ianto just looked at Jack and slowly walked
towards him. They both lent towards it and the next thing they knew they were spinning around and around
until (THUD!) they were both on the floor.
"ouch that hurt" said Ianto getting up rubbing the back of his head continuously. Jack got up reajusting
his braces "You ok" he said looking at Ianto who was still rubbing his head,
"yh i'm fine, just hit my head that's all"
"let me have a look" said Jack walking over to Ianto and looking where he hit his head "i think it's just
bruised yan, nothing to worry about" Jack said half smiling.
Ianto smiled at Jack and looked around "what happened" he asked,
"that time vortex sucked us through time and space" Jack replied looking at Ianto who was looking at
Jack lost" but were in the hub" Ianto said
"No were in the hub but on a parallel universe" replied Jack " it's exactly the same as earth but when there's
double of everyone.
"You mean in this very place is me and you but on a parallel universe" said Ianto laughing quietly,
"yh" said Jack laughing too "shall we go find out what were up to"
"yh" smiled Ianto and they both walked through the tunnels into the hubnd up the stairs towards
Jacks office but when they got there the blinds in Jacks office were closed. so all they could do
was listen to their very strange andoff putting conversation.

"Get it out, get it out"
"Hold your horses Ianto"
"Jack hurry up, I wanna see it, you've been in there for ages"
"You have to be careful with it, It's fragile, you should no that Ianto"
"yeah i do but I can't wait any longer"
"wait i'm nearly Done, there"
"finished yet"
"yeah ready"
"Jack Iv'e been ready for the past 5 minutes"
"right 3,2,1 tada,What do ya think Ianto"
"wow it's bigger than mine"
"Ianto get off it's mine, you have your own to play with"
"Aww but mine is small and sticky, yours is big,long and slimy,the way I like it"
"Well yours will be like this one day with a little training"
"yh one day Jack"
"I know what will cheer you up yan"
"What's that then"
"Turn around and i'll take you for the most pleasurable and exciting moment of your life"
"OH MY GOD!, ok"

Meanwhile Jack and Ianto were still outside the door listening to what they were saying seconds away from
bursting into fits of laughter, but they knew they had to hold it so all they could do was snigger under
their breath and carry on listening to the conversation.But as they leant towards the door again they heard
these noises coming from Jacks office.......

"oooooooooooo ahh"
"Jack what are you doing"
"oooooooooooooooo ah"
"OH GOD JACK I havn't done it before I can't do this"
" Yes you can Ianto"
"oh god"
"3, 2 , 1 go"
"Come on Ianto"
"Go Jack"
"Jack i'm doing it, im doing it"

Outside Jack and Ianto looked at each other in shock but trying not to laugh at the same time
"Jack" whispered Ianto "look" and he pointed over to one of the windows of Jack's office.
Jack looked over to where Ianto was pointing and noticed that Ianto was pointing to one of the blinds
that had buckled inside the office.Jack and Ianto both looked at each other and sniggering they
both walked towards the window and looked through the gap to see what was going on.

"oh yes, yes, yes,yes ,yes, YES! I did it i won i won the race wooooo"
"But you said it yourself Ianto my snail was slimier than yours, how could you win"
"Begginers luck, I guess haha"
"Well I think we've had enough excitement for one day time to put Jack and Ianto back in thier cage"
"Jack who's that outside your office"

"RUN" shouted Jack and they both ran as fast as they could down the stairs through the underground tunnels, in
the cells and jumped right through the time vortex where they found themselves spinning around and around in
circles once again until (THUD)."OUCH! not again" shouted Ianto rubbing his head for a second time. He saw Jack
on the floor and helped him up. Jack and Ianto both turned around to find that the time vortex had closed.
"Phew that was close" said Jack looking at Ianto. They both paused and fell to the floor in fits of laughter
"OH MY GOD Jack if thats what we sound like when were having a snail race no wonder Owen looks at us the way
he does when were doing something else hahahahaha"
"I was thinking the same thing"

Eventually after 10 minutes of rolling around on the floor they both pulled themselves together and
managed to get up off the floor.Ianto looked at the time on the stopwatch and it was 6.00am "Jack we've
been gone for a whole day nearly"
"No way, we better get back to my office quickly, the others will be here soon"
They rushed out of the cells through the dark underground tunnels,into the hub and up the stairs
but as they both got to the doors of Jacks office they couldn't take it,all they could think about was the noises
they heard and that it happened in Jacks office and once again they burst out laughing.
"Jack Ianto what's so funny, have you been up to something again" said Gwen walking into the hub,
Jack and Ianto both looked at Gwen and at the same time they said "something that you couldn't imagine,
unless you heard it" and burst out laughing once more.

                                   THE END
This is my entry contest for :iconjanto-addicts: contest

Please don't copy with pictures or anything else :(

I hope you enjoy it and hopefully this piece will get me more votes than one :( :giggle:

I feel that i'm better at stories than drawing at the moment XD
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kibawolflover Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010
ha ha ha ha pmsl very good
Neon-Puke Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, :iconneon-puke: here.
This is just too awesome! :la:

Deff get my vote ;)
PandaJones Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
thankyou so much :D
Neon-Puke Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
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hobo-II Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
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PandaJones Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
just go oin the page on janto-addicts then click contest 2 drawing and in the comments u put in ure vote and when voting has ended the votes wil b counted to reveal the winner x :D
hobo-II Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
that you :D

and I voted for you :)
PandaJones Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
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Is my story really that good :XD::tighthug:
hobo-II Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
you're welcome :D

yes, it was AMAZING! ^^
PandaJones Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
thankiez :D
hobo-II Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
no problem :D
BarrowmanFan Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
bwhahahaa! :XD::XD: I shouldda quest it would be something completely innocent :XD::XD: This was pretty awesome! :giggle:
PandaJones Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
well thankiez i always loved that snail comic thing and thought hmmm im gonna do that and make it sound like janto :giggle:
BarrowmanFan Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
LOL Yeah, I though it was due to that comci ages ago :giggle: Really well wrote though ^__^
PandaJones Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
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PandaJones Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2009
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BarrowmanFan Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2009
my-ultimate-romance Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
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you have no idea how funny i found this.
PandaJones Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
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Janto-addicts Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
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PandaJones Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
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